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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  September 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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adot was not available to talk to us because of the holiday. but they have a five-year plan to work on the pumps that are getting old. adot plans to overhaul the aging pumps. but they say it will take years to get it done. they said that they have employees on standby. but there is no guarantee but they can only handle so much water. it depends how many swimming pools worth of water come down and how fast. probably flood. the storm is expected to come through wednesday and thursday. it is two years since the storm of the century. if you see water on the freeways get off the highway. >> where is this storm now? it has been upgraded to a
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it is over some warm open waters. here is a look at the storm track. here is the current information. you could see the winds at 85 miles per hour. as you put this into motion, and moving ahead the next couple of days. it makes the land fall near the baja peninsula and steers its way to the north and east. than that from that moisture will be moving its way into arizona sometime on wednesday, wednesday night and thursday. future cast wants to push it up to southwestern arizona and push it through the central part of our state park -- state. we will talk about the timeline and when the heaviest rain is expected to hit. on the other side of the country, this
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the waves are pounding the shores from delaware to massachusetts. the highways, riptide scott and the wind gusts -- high riptide's in wind gusts are keeping people close to shore. this is not stopping the storm for causing big waves. most people are watching the waves from a safe distance. road crews were called in to keep the big waves from a routing the asphalt on the highway that is a few feet from the ocean. massive flames erupted this afternoon at a scrapyard. thanks to fire crews from different cities the blaze was
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>> reporter: multiple fire crews had to stay out here for quite a while to make sure that this fire did not reignite. you could definitely spell the chemicals in the air. as the deck black smoke bellowed, it was quite a sight to see. crews had to shut down part of broadway. they asked people to clear the area as a safety precaution. 80 firefighters were working letters to contain it. one challenge was fire hydrants they were not in service due to the construction in the area. >> that happens all the time but we always hope that a fair does not happen in those areas. >> reporter: during the fire there were reports of multiple
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tanker trucks and 1000 feet of hose line to get the fire under control. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. there's a slim chance of this fire reigniting. we hendricks, 12 news some hot headlines. we begin at lake pleasant, there's no sign of a 24-y the lake. dive teams from the maricopa county sheriff's office were called out today. the glendale man disappeared near fisherman's cove. phoenix police are on the hunt. a man was killed overnight. he was driving near 27th avenue and camelback. he was arguing with people inside another vehicle when he was shot. when he was shot, he drove
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before crashing into an apartment. three people were intensely but no one was hurt. now to decision 2016, with two months until the presidential election. are trying for every vote in the swing states. donald trump and hillary clinton have focused their attention on ohio. >> in terms of manufactures, in terms of jobs, being taken out of our system. it is a rigged system. >> donald trump was joined by his running mate, mike pence, after meeting with union reps. the group had lunch at a nearby
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she is now flying on this boeing 737 to campaign events. she landed in cleveland and she had a major coughing fit on the podium. >> every time i think about donald trump this happens. >> bernie sanders president, bill clinton, were both on the campaign trail this labor day. >> two in on five -- tune in at 5 pm. >> it is being hosted by matt lauer. it is this coming wednesday on 12 news at the loss in the
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struggling what to do next. >> he decided to turn pro and saturday night in phoenix, he made his professional debut. he asked his father for some insight and perspective. >> he will open up that front. you have to pause on that. but that opening happened. let it happen. if you do not like that one -- if you know it hurt him, fake it . went to start hurting him, bang it. he is gun shy on the job. leave him alone.
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behind the flags. he is going to set the pace. he knows the music. >> [ applause ] >> here we go. >> strong. >> calm down. >> you have to do more. you gave him respect rate there. he does not need that respect. outwork him. watch your hand. yes. you know what to do down.
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let's go. you are okay. do not worry about it. got it? go. >> adrianne is the winner. >> [ applause ] >> it is really exciting i have all my fans and family out here. it is like a different bond. they are excited for me. is totally different. thank you, guys.>> thank you
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congratulations to adrian. he suffered a cut on his forehead. but he had a calm and cool about him. he took his father's instruction and executed the plan and walked away a winner. 12 news at 5 pm, server that is getting plenty of attention by making a woman stay brighter. coming away with some interesting takeaways with our states football teams. >> tell us what you think the answer is. where does arizona rank on the 2016 list for working dads? we will have the answer at we
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on 12 news at 6 pm. this week, monday, the couple behind the real life monster house. something you have to see to believe. one woman's fight to get this right. program for fallen soldiers.
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the football season on saturday. for many it was an exciting day.>> for a season ticket holder, there was mixed emotions . the tempe restaurant may this a little easier for her to handle. >> we loved to travel, and we loved to have adventures.>> reporter: included sun devil football. >> we had a great life while we had each other. >> reporter: she worked with the homeless. >> he lived a life up until he had no life. >> reporter: she was determined to continue her life. she had to get a bite to eat.
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, but i change my mind, i said no. >> reporter: she sat alone on the patio without her husband by her side. and this waitress made her day brighter. >> she shared with the server that she was alone for that game. >> when he brought my check and he zeroed it out, i sat and cried. >> reporter: it was a simple gesture that meant the world to her. monique griego, 12 news we are waiting to see some major weather changes later this week work >> it will be interesting to see -- week.
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it was a nice day, we had temperatures that hovered at 100 degrees. most of the afternoon, i saw temperatures around 102 degrees. that is where we should be, 103 degrees is the normal. here is hurricane newton spinning off the west of mexico. as we head into the next couple of days, this moisture will head i it will move in as an area of low pressure but it will have a lot of additional moisture. this is wednesday at 11 am cut you can see low just south of the arizona state border. tarell, 1030 tarell, 10:30 pm we will see the moisture move in. wednesday five 530 5:30 pm -- tomorrow, 10:30 pm.
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in. wednesday at 5:30 pm. we could see an inch to an inch and a half of rain across the valley. the concern as flash flooding. flash flooding could happen very quickly. see what changes we are expecting. 69 degrees on up to 75 degrees tonight. we will see temperatures up to we will have a chance for some dust tomorrow. we will start to see this transition back to a lot of moisture back to the middle of the week. temperatures will be down into the mid-90s for the say they we go back into the triple digits as we can. -- triple digits this weekend.
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let me give you something about each one of these football teams. let's start with asu, the quarterback was making his first start. he is a gifted runner. there is no surprise he led the devils. saturday night. i placed this on his shoulders. he called short passing place. asu has some dynamic speed guys. then they pulled the extra defenders out of the box. this talk some football, this is what stood out to me,
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17 carries 138 yards and two touchdowns. we talk about the best running backs, he is one of the top five. he is underrated and does not get a lot of shine that he deserves. the lumberjacks, they had the quarterback, and the receiver, and saturday night, standout, they had a big receiving night. eight passes 474 yards and one touchdown. they paired up giving them a dangerous offensive figures creating a lot of nightmares for the opposing team. >> enough football, this is labor day weekend.
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all? >> you were the one that was supposed to cook. >> eugen get that no? -- eugen get that note? -- didn't you get that note? you were supposed to bring it in. we will reveal our video
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around here, we call this money-saving monday. >> take a closer look smart phone data usage, if you are using a lot less than you are allowed check out a lower plan. >> before you book that next flight bras -- before you book your next flight, clear out the
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searching for flights and they can increase prices on new. are you ready for the video of the day? >> it involves a scottsdale woman that we have featured here many times on 12 news. >> history, baby. >> absolutely incredible. that is valerie thompson, she has become the fastest female motorcycle racer. >> on one of her runs she
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104 miles per hour it is not what i was thinking. >> way to go, valerie. your exclusive look inside the monster house. that's tonight on 12 news at 10
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tonight, holiday storm warnings. millions still at risk as powerful winds and life threatening rip currents from hermine close beaches on much of the east coast. and the new hurricane threat forming tonight. close encounter, donald trump and hillary clinton's planes within yards of blitz a key battle ground and kick off the unofficial homestretch of the campaign. speaking out. the parents of a toddler speaking out after their child was killed at disney world on a day filled with emotion. president obama warns of a potential cyber arms race after a meeting with vladimir putin and allegations that russian hackers are trying to undermine


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